Floor Color Matching

 Sun fading is a leading cause of mismatched floors. From bullnose trim to stain pens to T-molding, there are many ways to blend new wood floors with preexisting floors to ensure a seamless transition and a polished, designer look. We will gather samples with different intensities of the same color, then pair them with the existing, faded floor. We will help you choose whichever sample is closest in color to the existing floor. Even though the match may not be exact, once furniture, area rugs and accessories are added to the space, the slight difference in floors will be minimized. 

 When hardwood flooring coverage is expanded, it's not always necessary to sand and stain both the preexisting and newly covered areas at the same time. Instead, we will have a custom mixed stain matched to the same intensity of the existing wood. We water down a stain color until it matches the sun-faded or dulled tones of the existing planks. 

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