Dustless Sanding & Finish

 Refinishing a floor with traditional floor-sanding equipment raises so much dust that it may take days to clean it up, even if you've spread plastic sheeting in all the right places. If your floor is in relatively good condition, however, and has no damaged floorboards, you can take advantage of one of two dust-free options for restoring the finish. If your floor needs repair, look for a company that offers dustless floor sanding. 

 If your floor needs more than a surface restoration, there are probably several companies in your area that offer dustless sanding. Such companies use traditional floor-sanding equipment, but the sanding machines are connected to a powerful vacuum system that sucks the dust they produce outside the house. Floor sanding equipment can do a lot of damage in inexperienced hands, and because it is even harder to operate when connected to vacuum hoses, dustless sanding is a job best left to professionals. Be sure to get more than one quote before choosing a contractor for the job. 

After Dustless Sanding your floor we must put a liquid finish to protect your  floor. Hardwood floors tend to be resistant to soaking up liquid spills, owing to the closeness of the grain. This is a property that makes hardwood floors more durable than, for instance, a pine floor, but also makes them more difficult to finish. There are many finishes on the market; your choice depends on how exposed the floor is, how much traffic it will carry, and how dark you want your wood floor to stain. 

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